About Me

My name is Angela Thompson and I am an Empowered Empath, Lightworker, Author and Healer living in East Yorkshire, UK.  I decided to set up this website to help Lightworkers and Empaths who are still struggling on this journey called life.

Empaths are individuals who are able to feel the emotions and/or the physical pain of another person – the Empath reads people and their energy field. The gift of feeling (also known as clairsentience when fully developed) is a difficult psychic sense to deal with on many levels. In most cases the Empath is unaware of their gift or does not have the knowledge to control it. The trait cannot be turned off as we are born this way, it is a genetic trait that is passed from one generation to another.

Empaths are highly sensitive and easily upset by unkind remarks or insults from other people and they are deeply upset by the suffering of others. Empathy is about the absorption of energy from people and places and if the empath is not aware that this exchange is taking place they can confuse the feelings of others as their own. When Empaths absorb the stressful emotions of others and they do not know how to cleanse this energy from their system, then they can start to have panic attacks, anxiety, depression tiredness and addictions. In order to remain ‘balanced’, the Empath needs to understand their energy system and the purpose of their gifts and it is my hope that I can enlighten and help you with this task through my website, blog and newly published book ‘From One Empath to Another.’  The book is really the ‘guidebook’ I wish that I had been given at birth to help me understand and deal with my Empathic energy.

I am an Empath who has been on the Earth Plane for nearly fifty years and I know how difficult this path is to tread. It is my wish to share with you here on this site some of the things I have learnt through trial and error that have helped me to find equilibrium. You can wade through the darkness and find the light again and when that happens, you can start to shine and help others through their darkness. That is our life path, the Lightworker mission here on Earth.