How animals help us on our Ascension Pathway

Animals are assisting us on our ascension pathway.  It is my firm belief that animals are a lot more spiritually advanced than we are; you only have to observe them for a short period to come to this conclusion.  It has never failed to amaze me how the most badly treated dog can quickly love and become loyal to a new human family.  My own puppy always greets me like a long lost stranger after an hour’s separation and his tail wags furiously in welcome whenever anyone visits the house, stranger or not.  It is said that a dog’s tail wags at the calibration of 500, which is the level of unconditional love.  Animals teach, heal and protect us.


As very spiritually advanced beings, animals hold a very high vibrational energy and this makes them very empathic.  They can literally absorb the negative energies around them and this helps to make our environment more uplifting.  We all feel better for time spent with our pets and it has been shown to improve our mental health and raise our serotonin levels. Therapy animals are now frequently used to help the ill, disabled or elderly because animals can actually absorb negative energy from us and help us disperse it.  You may have noticed that if you are feeling ‘under the weather’ your pet seems to know that you are not well and will often rest his head on your lap.  What he is actually doing is absorbing our negative energy, transmuting it and releasing it to bring us back into balance.


Animals have been holding the light energies for many years in order to raise the consciousness of the Planet allowing human souls to awaken.  Animals give us unconditional love and their empathic natures transmute the negative energy around and within us.  This allows us to move away from fear and into the higher vibrations of love.  They are special, they need our love and attention in order to help them carry out this important work that they are here to do.  Those of us who are in the ‘awakened state’ need to do all we can to help our pets and other animals release any negative emotional energies that they are carrying.  As I explained in my previous book ‘From One Empath to Another’ if these negative energies are not released, then we become sick.  This can happen to our animals too.  Most animals are extremely sensitive – dogs can hear well beyond our capabilities and their energies are no different – they need special care.  All the different forms of healing I suggest in my first book can be used on our pets.  So Reiki, massage, salt baths, Flower Essences, and lots of exercise, among other things are all relevant for helping and healing our furry friends.


Ascension is basically about changing/transforming the negative into the positive and that is what our animals are here to help us do.  Cats, dogs, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits – they are all here in service to us human beings.  Most people think that animals are much less evolved than the human being, but that is a fallacy.  Animals are more advanced spiritually, even the fierce dog that seems out of control.  The chances are that dogs like this are just holding too much negative energy that they have absorbed from their surroundings.  If they are abused and mistreated, they are likely to absorb the anger and negativity of the owner and it is this energy that causes the problems.  The ‘awakened’ have a duty to help animals to transmute some of this black energy if they cannot do it themselves and the easiest way to do this if the animal is unapproachable is through visualisation techniques.  In your mind’s eye see any dark negative energy leaving the animal and visualise it moving away and as it does see it transmute into golden positive energy.  This may seem a little strange, but it works because it is an energetic exercise.  Sending out an intention is actually sending out a thought which is energy. When we direct this thought at a particular thing or in a particular way, then we can change the environment.  Energy is never destroyed; it merely changes form.


By visualising this black energy moving away from the animal and seeing it change into positive light energy we are actually using cleansing and healing techniques that we can also use on ourselves.  Afterwards, we feel uplifted and our energy body is able to circulate the life force properly again.  If we are blocked with negative energy, then our light bodies become clogged up and cannot be free flowing.  If this happens we become sick and animals are no different, they cannot remain healthy if they are full of stagnant, dark energy.  Transmutation of toxic energy is highly important.


Love and appreciate your pets and all other animals and acknowledge how important they are here now on Planet Earth.  Try and live in harmony with them and make it your quest to maintain a ‘balanced state’ as this will assist them greatly on their very important mission.




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