Moving past difficulties on the spiritual path

Many of us on a dedicated path of spiritual/personal growth often feel upset and guilty when we feel that we have not handled a specific situation/conflict in a compassionate way.  On some level, whether we realise it or not we are striving to be better people, to grow in kindness and compassion for our fellow man.  However, as we grow into the light we must also walk through the darkness.  All too often I find that the spiritual and personal growth literature can almost berate the reader because they feel anger or even stronger emotions like hate.  This prose instils a sense of guilt within the reader which to me is detrimental to the process of healing and moving forward on one’s path.  What we need to do is analyse and feel our emotions and acknowledge where we are at without beating ourselves up.  Moving into the light is not about staying in abusive or selfish relationships because we feel it is ‘unspiritual’ and uncaring to walk away.  The lesson is to learn to stand in your own power and to accept a situation for what it is without allowing ourselves to be pulled into other people’s drama.

People do behave in ways that we can find difficult to understand.  This is almost always down to the levels of consciousness.  We are all working through the levels of consciousness with each incarnation we have here on Earth in order to learn and grow.  What do I mean by the levels of consciousness?  Well this concept is quite difficult to define, but from a very basic premise, as we progress on our spiritual path, we move our consciousness to higher levels by evolving into kinder, more sensitive loving people.  We have to learn to treat other people respectfully even as we go through our spiritual lessons/tests here on the Earth Plane.  However, that does not mean that we have to buy into other people’s egotistical tendencies, but we don’t have to get angry either or allow others to ‘press our buttons.’  The way to deal with it is to develop strong personal boundaries.  If someone’s expectations are selfish say ‘no’ and don’t feel guilty about it.

The other thing that you can do is actually limit the amount of time you spend/associate with these people.  You do not need to sacrifice your own happiness and positive energy for someone else.  Metaphorically it is like being the strong rock at sea that stands tall and intact as the strong waves come crashing down.  We can all learn to cultivate the peace within – it is achievable.  If you find that others in your life are creating waves, you do not have to allow this to push you under.  Rise above the situation, try and understand their reasoning and have compassion, but if you cannot do this, do not allow guilt to creep in.  Just simply and lovingly release the situation or even the relationship if you have to (even if for a short space of time).  You cannot change a problem from the same state of consciousness that created it as Einstein famously said.  Stepping into your own power by standing up for yourself and setting boundaries are often soul lessons.

So in order to sum up, my message for today is that on our path to enlightenment, we all meet people who ‘press our buttons.’  When this happens, know that there is something you need to learn, but do not beat yourself up if you are less than compassionate.  People can demand, ‘kick off’ and act in ways we do not like or expect.  You as an individual have control over this through respecting yourself and by setting appropriate boundaries.  It is not cruel or selfish, it is about finding balance.

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