One Point to Know about the Law of Attraction

The buzz words at the moment in many New Age/Metaphysical circles are the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.  These principles are not something new; they have been written about by many different ‘New Thought’ Authors over the years.  It was the film ‘The Secret’ that really pushed the Law of Attraction into the limelight so to speak.  However, The Law of Attraction is just one of the Universal Laws that have been in existence since time began.


The Universal Laws are really rules that help us to live in peace, love and harmony here on Earth and they can assist us greatly on our spiritual path. The Law of Attraction – The most well known Law is basically telling us that ‘like attracts like.’  If you focus on the positive in life with intention and feeling, then you will attract more good things to you.  However, if you focus on the negative with feeling and emotion, then unfortunately that is what will show up in your life, negative things and circumstances!  This is a very basic description of the Law and many people are now trying to use it in their lives in order to manifest their desires.  There is so much written on this topic but most of us seem to be very good at manifesting what we do not want.  However, to try and use the Law in reverse of this, to attract the good is often the most difficult thing to do.


Why is this?  I have thought about this long and hard for many years, and just recently I have had some deep insights that I thought I would share with you.  Firstly, we are not aware of some of our negative and sabotaging thoughts on a conscious level.  These negative beliefs are stored in our subconscious minds and unless we do some deep work on ourselves, we are not even aware that they exist.  It is these thoughts and beliefs that keep us stuck and stop us from attracting our true desires.  We can wish all we like to attract good things, we can do the visualisation and try and align with our goal, but if we have self sabotaging beliefs working against us in the background, then we will never get the results we desire.


I am a massive advocate of the late Louise Hay and I agree totally with her belief that the most important thing we need to work on to really start manifesting fantastic things into our lives is ‘loving the self.’  If deep down, we do not like ourselves or feel we are undeserving then we cannot attract the good things.


It sounds so simple doesn’t it, but I really do not care what you are working on or trying to attract, you will not be successful if you do not have a good relationship with yourself.  When we love ourselves we are sending out the positive energy we need to emit in order to bring in the good.  If we have a subconscious belief that we are just not enough, then we will send out a very low vibration which will only return negative circumstances, people and things to us that match that low frequency.


If you want relationships that are loving, if you want kind people in your life, if you want the successful job, good health, the new car, the fantastic holiday and lots of lovely people around you, then you need to give out the right vibration and that simply starts with loving yourself.


So how do you start doing this?  Well there are many things you can begin to do to feel better.  To begin with it is a good idea to monitor your ‘self talk,’ your inner critic if you like and write down the negative things you are saying to yourself.  Then you can turn the negatives into positive affirmations and say them out loud, write them down or even sing them.  You will probably find that you are a little resistant at first and will not actually believe the positive statement.  Stick with this, because if you do the work on a daily basis, several times a day, you will find that the messages will begin to drop into your subconscious and when this happens, you will find that things in your life start to improve.  We have to work with our inner self to make the outer changes we want to see.  One of the best affirmations I find is ‘I love and approve of myself.’


There is no point doing the affirmations for 15 minutes each day and then spending the rest of the day allowing your inner critic to do its ‘stuff.’  No! you need to monitor your thoughts closely and recognise when you are berating yourself.  When this happens, just start to say your affirmations to yourself quietly or in your mind and see what a difference that makes to how you feel.  Affirmations should be said in the present tense – so I am happy, I love myself and not in a future tense – I will be happy or I will love myself because we will be forever waiting.  The Universe acts on what we say to ourselves.  The world around us is really a mirror – what we give out we get back.  We should always treat people as we wish to be treated because if we are disrespectful to ourselves and others then that is what we will experience in our world, it will just be reflected back to us.


Another thing you can do is write a long list of things that you like to do because they bring you joy and happiness.  This could be something simple like meeting a friend for coffee or going for a walk on the beach.  Each day, pick something from the list and do it because when we are happy and joyful we are on a higher vibration and this can only attract better things to us.


Gratitude is something else that is really important to practice daily.  When we practice gratitude and are truly grateful for the things we have in our lives, then the Universe brings us more things to be grateful for.  Make it a daily practice to write down ten things in your journal that you are happy to have in your life and give thanks for them.


Finally, there are so many free seminars, podcasts, meditations, books and discussions on line that can help you with ‘self love.’  If you are in a low place and do not have any spare money, then it is not an excuse to not work on yourself.  The only person who can do the work is you, nobody else and there is a lot of free help out there.  Once you start on a path of personal/spiritual growth you will suddenly find that you begin to attract lots of things towards you to help you.  ‘When the student is ready the teacher appears’ so to speak.


I am absolutely certain that when you put these things into practice on a daily basis you will find that things start to happen for you without you having to consciously focus on the Law of Attraction.  The aspirations you have and the material things you want will start to move towards you as if by magic because you have started to move in the right direction.  Get yourself on a higher vibration and ‘the world is your oyster.’







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