I am now offering intuitive card readings through this site by email.  My readings are designed to be empowering by offering insight and clarity around your situation.  We have all been given free-will on the Earth Plane and so it is my hope that this intuitive advice will give you the necessary tools and guidance to allow you to move forward on your life-path.


Have you ever wondered what your true mission is in life? Would you like to be enlightened to the truth of who you really are? A Soul Reading is an essential tool that can help you to find your true path in life in order to reach your full soul potential. This information can help you to conquer your fears and challenges and manifest your talents in order to achieve your dreams so that you can reach alignment with your soul destiny.

These readings are very in-depth and based on Numerology.

Please can you supply your date of birth and your full name at birth including any middle names when you request this reading.

Soul Readings


Angel Card Readings are a beautiful way to gain insight into your current situation. Angels are magnificent Beings of Light and we each have a Guardian Angel who remains with us throughout our lifetime on Earth. Angels always have our best interests at heart, but they cannot help us unless we ask.

Angel Card Readings 


During a general reading I intuitively use a combination of Divination cards, including the Tarot Deck. My intuitive readings can help with life transitions, career issues, business problems, love and relationship issues and spiritual growth.  If you have any burning questions or individual problems you cannot solve, please contact me.

General Readings 

I have been reading the cards for over ten years now and all my readings are strictly confidential.



I am so pleased with the Soul Reading that Angela did for me.  As a spiritual healer I found the information both really interesting and helpful.  It gives you a brilliant insight into who you are and gives you spiritual guidance too.  KB